harvest moon
rising over
slow thunder


  a cloud
bigger than the sky -
spring longing

  through the hole
in this rusty steel helmet
a glance at the sea

  unable to outrun
moonlight-and the dragging
horse blanket
  going nude-
a summer hat left
on the head

  From long icicles
under eaves of cottage
small suns are dripping
  the fallen leaf
continues its journey--
on the river
the daybreak brims the horizon
on a seagull's beak
  a silver fish
caught in the moonlight
silent ripples


  band on the river
a balsam flower dips with
the weight of a bee

  journey over
the front gate lock
still broken


last night's rain
keeps a cherry petal
on the shell of a snail
  Brilliant red
circle of spilled sun
sipping tide.