winter evening
with tiny stitches
the doll's smile returns


  Lukewarm midnight.
The moon is silvering
the rusty ship.

  On the shell
of the snail
a snowflake.

  across the window
of an abandoned house
a wisteria bloom

  A white cat
runs up a tree
A sign of summer
shows up


  Startled newborn lambs
blink at spring and tremble their
temporary tails
  drops of spring rain
hanging on the wire-
in each a sun
  serene lake −
the birch leaf touched
the white cloud


  forget-me-not sea
a woman with empty creel
sail on the skyline

  Light on the thorns.
My granny's yellowed photo
in the black prayerbook.

  kite flying
l slowly unravel 
the day   
  Edge of the road-
the partridge drinks
the dew on the poppy.